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Aug. 6th, 2007 08:59 pm
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Geeks have an incoming tact filter
Normal people have an outgoing tact filter

A geek can have a conversation to another geek and not find offense because the geek filters everything incoming.  so if one geek says something tactless to the other geek, by way of accident or bad choice of words, the receviing geek will process that comment and filter out the tactlessness and be able to understand what the person was really saying.    Geeks EXPECT to have to post process the conversation.

A normal person can have a conversation with a normal person and not find offense because they preprocess the conversation and filter out anything tactless before its said so that the receiver of the comment doesn't find offense.
Thats because the normal people expect pre processing of the conversation

A Geek Cannot have a functional conversation with a Normal person because the filters dont work,     The geek will say something tactless to the normal person and the normal person will find it highly offensive and that's the end of the friendship.   Theres no functional post or pre proccessing of this conversation.
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Shaun Tan, is presenting a discussion tonight about Successful Writing and Illustrating the the Melbourne Science Fiction Club(MSFC) tonight.

There is a Gold Coin Donation to come along but we have food and it should be a good evening.

Shaun has done some amazing art work and sometimes brings along lithographs to sell.

It would be great to see lots of people there.

wikipedia Information about Shaun Tan

"Shaun Tan is the illustrator and author of award winning children's books such as The Red Tree and The Lost Thing. Tan was born in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1974 and, after freelancing for some years from a studio at Mt. Lawley, relocated to Melbourne, Victoria in 2007. In addition to books and cover art, Tan contributes political cartoons to the Western Review and is the art editor and a contributor for Eidolon Magazine. In 2006, his graphic novel The Arrival won the "Book of the Year" prize as part of the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards."

wikipedia link to MSFC
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So,  Hyperthetically speaking,

Is there anybody interested in possibly joining me next Sunday for some more skiing at Mt Buller?

Depending on the weather and other bookings I'm thinking its too good a bug to ignore?

This is NOT a definate.. just an interested.

It cost:
$165 for the bus and one day lift ticket
$88 for ski, boot, googles, jacket and pant hire.
$3 for acan of coke
$3 for a mars bar
But your only there one day so you just cop those prices.

The bus departs at 5:55am from Ringwood (and earlier times from Box hill and Fed Square)
Returns at about 8:20pm to Ringwood (and later to box hill and fed square)

If your lucky you can sleep on the bus. As it was the adrenaline kicked in for me and I wasnt able to sleep.

Things I would do differently:
1)  Strap my knees.   I didn't.. and I regreted it as they HURTED!!!!
2)  Don't bother with sunglasses, go straight to goggles.  I took my sunglasses with me and wore them the first few runs but they fogged up.   I had my goggles with me as well and used them for the rest of the day. but had to carry the glasses.   they filled up my pockets.
3)  Don't bother with Gel in my hair (its at that awkward length where tying it back works for the back but the sides are annoying)   I'm going to get helmet hair anyway.
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I got the Ski bug Today!!!!

Last week a friend asked me if I wanted to go skiing today (sunday) because they knew i was interested in trying my hand at skiing.   At first I said wasnt interested in going up just for a day as it seemeed awefully complex.   Then another friend said she was going up and i though "this could work if we all ski together"  The cogs ticked over and I ended up booking a bus trip up.

The bus left Ringwood at 0600 Sunday morning, got to Mansfield at 0900 and then left there at 1000 and got to the mountain just before 11am

I would just like to say that after exactly 20 years of not skiing (went this time of year in 1987)  I still can ski better than many of the intermediate skiers *blows nails in a proud  way*.   Mind you.   Many of the intermediate skiers were way better than i was.   however i could quite happily parelall turn and snow plough  and power stop and work my way through the queues with more or less no problems at all, and I could more or less navigate my way down the Blue runs with no significant problems.   ... other than the odd expleative as I discovered that the blue run we were on had the odd very steep drop which i wasnt prepared for.

I will go back.. One of the people I skied with is going back in a  few weeks time and I will see if I can join her as they have access to a ski lodge.

I just have to rememeber:  MORE sunscreen and seriously tape my knee. as it is REALLY sore..

Now I'm tired and sore (oh so very sore)



Jul. 10th, 2007 03:47 pm
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I first came across UNIX (like) operating systems in late 1993, and Linux possibly in mid 1994. I used to use it to telnet into Internet chat BBS services, Such as LUCS (Latrobe University Computer Society) and TFS (The Far Side, Canberra University) and ISCA (Iowa State Computer Association). I spent many hours online. ALL of it accessed from with in a Unix command prompt. I would spend several hours a day online on these BBSs right up until late 2003.

By using Linux to access these sites I learnt a lot about how Linux worked.

i still log into the remaining BBS Sometimes. maybe once a week for a couple of minutes to read any updates. Sometimes its several weeks between visits.

But I realised the other day, its been AGES since I have really used Linux to do anything useful. I have forgotten most of what I knew about it. I could probably pick up most of what I used to know, VERY quickly... just right at the moment I have completely forgotten everything. Making me pretty much an exclusive Windows Geek.

That is all, really. Just needed to comment on my Linux Usage.
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Not that it justifies me being so negative.

"The Pet Shop Boys have always hated most of the prevailing attitudes and tried to do the opposite. Our hatred of what other people do has always helped us redefine our actions. To hate a lot of things is tantamount to really caring about others. If you like everything, you deal with nothing. When people hear Chris and me talking, they're sometimes shocked by how negative we are. We're constantly critical of everything, including ourselves. But I come from a generation that liked its artists to say what was wrong with our lives. I retain the old-fashioned belief that pop music is meant to be a challenge to society as well as an affirmation of it. And so I consider it my duty to hate things."

.... its not just the old generation :P
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I keep on forgetting what I was going to do! :(
I'm working on some VB scripts for work and doing some really funky things with them. Halfway through one line I thought "YES!!! I will do this this and this and do it that way and that line there needs changed and it will work rewally well!" then I got to the end of the line I was workign on and .... empty.. cant rememebr the cool idea I had.. cant even work back to it.. I have totally forgotten it! WAGH!!!... it sucks because its happening more and more on everythign I do .

Feeling Guilty throwing things out
The other night I was looking through my IT Library at home (you know.. the collection of text books that geeks collect over the years) and found a VBasic + msSQL book. i flicked through it and notcied it was 10 years old and all the methods it suggested were baddly written and obsolete. So I decided to throw it out (Paper Recycling thank you) . I did so.. but now I feel guilty for throwing out a text book. Even though its obsolete. It was one of those really thick ones. probably 50mm thick.

Being Sick (TMI)
Last Friday I started to get an itchy throat. I put it down to being on a horse farm (In Ballarat) and slightly allergic to something. Stayed up REALLY late (4am) playing OOTS, then got up early (cause it was COLD AND light) and drove back to Melbourne after general bumming. for a few hours. Only JUST made it back. By the time I reached Melton my eyes were drooping quite bad. Got home and Slept for 2 hours before heading off to a party. Sunday Morning I woke up with a ripper of a nasty head cold. Every time I blew my nose it would explode with blood! GAH!... Began to feel better yesterday morning. Feeling 90% this morning. still a little bit of an itchy throat.

Order Of The Stick Board Game
Theres an online webcommic called Order Of The Stick that i have been reading for the last 2 years. Its very clever. Its something that a pen and paper gamer geek would get. The Writer has JUST released a board game based on the characters from the WebComic. Its VERY time consuming and VERY cool. Spent 6 hours playing it last Friday night. Word OF Warning. Dont start playing at 9pm. Anybody who is interested in playing let me know.


Jun. 18th, 2007 11:33 am
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To celebrate A friends birthday we are going to do what any hot blooded geek would do. We are all going to congregate at MY place, set up a Lan, mingle with the cabling and have us some serious Lan Gaming, whilst consuming excessive amounts of chipped potatoes, chocolate and Beer(ginger).

We have the following new games to use on the day, Some require serious video cardage I THINK most people should be able to cope these days. (Nvidia 6600 would be acceptable) The following games are what are on the books:
Company of Heroes (patch level 1.70 at this stage) (Nvidia 6600)
Swat4 (UK patch 1.1) (Nvidia 5700)
Rainbow Six Vegas(patch level 1.04) (I don’t know what this runs on min (Apparently 6600))
Supreme Commander(patch level 3223) (Something POWERFUL, Nvidia 6600 is MINIMUM specs, and it CLUNKS! I use an ATI X1950)

We MAY play some of the following:
Civilisation 4

The Details: We start at about 10am on Saturday 30th of June. We go until we drop. There may be a Mexican dinner in the evening just up the road. (If enough people can drive.. I'm eyeing the 1L margarita myself), we then continue late into the evening. Or as late as you want to go.

There should be enough seating for 12 to 14 people. I have a couple of spare spaces available.

RSVP... ASAP... Places may fill fast!
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I will be in Canberra tomorow.
My flight HOME isnt untill 8pm so I dont need to be at the airport untill 7:20pm.
I finish work about 5pm.
Work is in Fishwick and the airport is.. just up the road.
Is anybody (Canberra person) interested in having a very quick dinner ? somewhere convienent for these conditions?
NOTHING spicey or hot. I rather like to keep my heart rate running below 200bpm.
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Get into an online / LJ discussion about femminist issues and or abortion.

Sombody will always misrepresent you to make you appear like a compleate jerk
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Tux is Vindictive and nasty.

I have been keepign her inside so she settles in.. but its not been working. Shes jumpy and skittish and sometimes shes approachable and sometimes shes obviously scared of me approaching her.

but thats not what the problem really is.

In the last week she has peed on my bed and shat on my couch.

Tuesday night I wouldnt let her out when a friend left. She went quiet, i went into my room to pat her and noticed a wet spot on the bed. Fresh... VERY fresh. I went to pick her up and she fled to the litter tray.

Thursday night. After a friend went home I decided I would give her an extra room to play in while I was asleep and maybe she would be happier. At about 1am she started meowing.. then stopped. Then started again. I stumbled out to the kitchen to a horrid smell. Once Again I went to pick her up and she fled to the litter tray.

She KNOWS shes not meant to do what shes doing and she knows shes doing it to annoy. and she KNOWS where shes meant to go to do it.

Nothing happeend on wednesday night only because she had nowehere to be malicious.

I have been cleaning the litter out ever day to keep it as fresh as I can....

I spoke to her previous owner who says that yes she was away that the cat was a nasty cat and that messing just points it out.

Tux is goign back to her old home tonight.

If she makes a mess every time she doesnt get what she want then im never going to be able to know when i can trust her. she will be locked in the laundry or left outside and neither of those options is all that brilliant from my perspective.

She needs a HUGE property in the coutnry where theres no rules on being outside at night.

Edit Turns out we have a Vet working for us. He has just given me some really usefull advice. And suggested I give her another week to settle. If she still hasnt settled by then, Then she should go back.
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I went to get some cat stuff yesterday from the local pet shop. Pulled up, went into the shop. got the stuff then left put the stuff in the car and as I was pulling away I noticed that I had parked in a clearway...... during clearway times.... and hadnt got a ticket!

Felt like a bit of a dick for not chekcign the parkign signs.. I usually do.

Anyway, no Damge done. (to me)
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A friend is going over seas for 12 months and asked if I would look after her cat.
Said friend isnt leaving until November but wanted me to take the cat earlier to allow her to settle in and if there was problems to allow my friend to find an alternative cat minder.
she manipulated me into agreeing and so Yesterday she arrived with cat.

Tux is about 3 years old. She has a white splodge on her chest and is otherwise totally black. she has a very fluffy black tail and her fur is really silky.

I have a couple of photos but they arent the best yet. I will post one when shes more relaxed and into posing.

Theoretically Tux goes back when the friend returns. But if Tux is settled and loving the hosue then theres a chance i will keep her. THIS I'm not sure about yet.
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As many of you know I'm a stickler for rules. if a sign says "Dont do that" then I will feel REALLY guilty if I do do that, or if a friend does it. If sombody TELLS me not to do something, I WONT do it. Well, within Question.

So when I went to the National Gallery of Victoria On Saturday to play with their LEGO display, I went in with my Backpack. I walked into the building and one of the security guards said "If your going into an exhibition your going to have to leave your bag in the cloke room" I pointed at the Lego display and work tables and said "I'm only going to that, can I hold onto my bag? " and his response was "Oh thats fine, its just if your going to any of the main exhibitions in the building"

I stood around and waited for some friends to turn up. Then we queued up to enter. About 5 minutes in the queue the security guard came up to me and said "im sorry sir your going to have to check your bag in"

I had a go at the guy. If I had done something wrong then I would have checked the bag and apologised, but the thing that pissed me off was that The Rules had changed between me entering and me queue. Even if he had misquoted the rules, the rules had changed.

I checked my bag reluctantly and after (I THINK) embarrising the people I was with by telling the Security guy what i thought of that, and stood back in the queue. When i got into the room i noticed that there were two couples with baby strollers loaded high with bags AND another buy with a daypack that had been kicked under the seat he was on.

So the question is, why was My Day Pack seen as a threat and the strollers and the other day pack NOT seen as a threat?

I felt Persecurtd.
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Last weeks borders bookshop discount voucher was for "30% off all Fiction Books".

On Saturday I went past Borders in Melbourne Central and brought a couple of books that I had been trying to find for a while. They were Science Fiction books, as is my taste in books, I used the "30% Discount on Fiction Book" voucher I had.

On Sunday I went past Borders Knox to get another book that I have been Trying to find. (Idiot me brought book four but not book three of a billion book series that I have started reading. (No.. not a name you would normally associate with long series)) . i walked up to the counter with my book and my voucher and said "I would like to buy this please" Their response was "I'm sorry but thats not a fiction book"

Hello? Science Fiction is a Non Fiction book? WTF!? So it turns out that the discount voucher was badly worded. The girl called her manager over who told me the same thing. I said "that sucks... " and left my purchase on the counter and walked out.

So.. .Melbourne Central Accepted the voucher with no questions asked because obviously Science Fiction IS Fiction. But Knox wont. There must be a different definition of whats Fact and whats Fiction for those people who live in the outer suburbs.
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About 12 months ago I noticed that my bookselves at home were nearing totally FULL. The books were over flowing onto stacks on the top and on the floor and it was beginning to look very messy.

At this point I stopped buying books. No point buying books if you cant read them and if you cant store them.

Read more... )
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I have discovered a list of phone numbers on an old notepad at home. I dont recognise many of them and im intrigued as to who they are.

I'm going to call them all over the next few days and if I recognise the voice that answers I will say hello, otherwise i will just hang up. If I dont recongise the voice I will put a line through the number.

So far I am 5 numbers for none. Havent recognised the voice of ANYBODY, so I can only assume the numbers are ancient and the friends who did live there are long gone.


Apr. 15th, 2007 06:17 am
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I didn't drink much but I feel like crap.
Dinner in Docklands then a quick stop off at the serviced apartment
Then I came home as the other guys went to the strippers.
and I feel sick and sore


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