Jul. 23rd, 2007

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So,  Hyperthetically speaking,

Is there anybody interested in possibly joining me next Sunday for some more skiing at Mt Buller?

Depending on the weather and other bookings I'm thinking its too good a bug to ignore?

This is NOT a definate.. just an interested.

It cost:
$165 for the bus and one day lift ticket
$88 for ski, boot, googles, jacket and pant hire.
$3 for acan of coke
$3 for a mars bar
But your only there one day so you just cop those prices.

The bus departs at 5:55am from Ringwood (and earlier times from Box hill and Fed Square)
Returns at about 8:20pm to Ringwood (and later to box hill and fed square)

If your lucky you can sleep on the bus. As it was the adrenaline kicked in for me and I wasnt able to sleep.

Things I would do differently:
1)  Strap my knees.   I didn't.. and I regreted it as they HURTED!!!!
2)  Don't bother with sunglasses, go straight to goggles.  I took my sunglasses with me and wore them the first few runs but they fogged up.   I had my goggles with me as well and used them for the rest of the day. but had to carry the glasses.   they filled up my pockets.
3)  Don't bother with Gel in my hair (its at that awkward length where tying it back works for the back but the sides are annoying)   I'm going to get helmet hair anyway.


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