Jun. 28th, 2007

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I keep on forgetting what I was going to do! :(
I'm working on some VB scripts for work and doing some really funky things with them. Halfway through one line I thought "YES!!! I will do this this and this and do it that way and that line there needs changed and it will work rewally well!" then I got to the end of the line I was workign on and .... empty.. cant rememebr the cool idea I had.. cant even work back to it.. I have totally forgotten it! WAGH!!!... it sucks because its happening more and more on everythign I do .

Feeling Guilty throwing things out
The other night I was looking through my IT Library at home (you know.. the collection of text books that geeks collect over the years) and found a VBasic + msSQL book. i flicked through it and notcied it was 10 years old and all the methods it suggested were baddly written and obsolete. So I decided to throw it out (Paper Recycling thank you) . I did so.. but now I feel guilty for throwing out a text book. Even though its obsolete. It was one of those really thick ones. probably 50mm thick.

Being Sick (TMI)
Last Friday I started to get an itchy throat. I put it down to being on a horse farm (In Ballarat) and slightly allergic to something. Stayed up REALLY late (4am) playing OOTS, then got up early (cause it was COLD AND light) and drove back to Melbourne after general bumming. for a few hours. Only JUST made it back. By the time I reached Melton my eyes were drooping quite bad. Got home and Slept for 2 hours before heading off to a party. Sunday Morning I woke up with a ripper of a nasty head cold. Every time I blew my nose it would explode with blood! GAH!... Began to feel better yesterday morning. Feeling 90% this morning. still a little bit of an itchy throat.

Order Of The Stick Board Game
Theres an online webcommic called Order Of The Stick that i have been reading for the last 2 years. Its very clever. Its something that a pen and paper gamer geek would get. The Writer has JUST released a board game based on the characters from the WebComic. Its VERY time consuming and VERY cool. Spent 6 hours playing it last Friday night. Word OF Warning. Dont start playing at 9pm. Anybody who is interested in playing let me know.


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