May. 25th, 2007

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Tux is Vindictive and nasty.

I have been keepign her inside so she settles in.. but its not been working. Shes jumpy and skittish and sometimes shes approachable and sometimes shes obviously scared of me approaching her.

but thats not what the problem really is.

In the last week she has peed on my bed and shat on my couch.

Tuesday night I wouldnt let her out when a friend left. She went quiet, i went into my room to pat her and noticed a wet spot on the bed. Fresh... VERY fresh. I went to pick her up and she fled to the litter tray.

Thursday night. After a friend went home I decided I would give her an extra room to play in while I was asleep and maybe she would be happier. At about 1am she started meowing.. then stopped. Then started again. I stumbled out to the kitchen to a horrid smell. Once Again I went to pick her up and she fled to the litter tray.

She KNOWS shes not meant to do what shes doing and she knows shes doing it to annoy. and she KNOWS where shes meant to go to do it.

Nothing happeend on wednesday night only because she had nowehere to be malicious.

I have been cleaning the litter out ever day to keep it as fresh as I can....

I spoke to her previous owner who says that yes she was away that the cat was a nasty cat and that messing just points it out.

Tux is goign back to her old home tonight.

If she makes a mess every time she doesnt get what she want then im never going to be able to know when i can trust her. she will be locked in the laundry or left outside and neither of those options is all that brilliant from my perspective.

She needs a HUGE property in the coutnry where theres no rules on being outside at night.

Edit Turns out we have a Vet working for us. He has just given me some really usefull advice. And suggested I give her another week to settle. If she still hasnt settled by then, Then she should go back.


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