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More Fashion Crimes

Tight Hipster Jeans.

And to make it a CAPITAL offense,

Tight Hipster Jeans with boots.

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And those pointy shoes... whats with those damn impractical pointy shoes that some girls wear? The look flimsy and the damn point gets longer and longer as idiots try and make more of a statement..

They are ugly as.. I see girls regularly hobbling on them as they look like the shoe is going to fall off. Why cant sombody make a nice simple shoe fassionable! YECK Pointy female shoes should be on the banned list as well.

But Fashion Isnt doomed.

Call me conservative and or backward and or an old foggy...

But I quite like at least ONE fashion that is been seen around town.

Thats the girls wearing the 1950s style dresses. Very nice...

Hand me my rocking chair and send the girls back to the kitchen! :) *ducks* (those that know me will know that that belief is NOT my style!)
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Hipster jeans are a PRIVILAGE!!! Not a right!
Singlet tops are a PRIVILAGE!!! Not a RIGHT.....

You have to EARN the right to be able to wear these sort of cloths!
I think a person who wants to wear these items of clothing has to ask 5 friends and 2 strangers if its appropriate for them to wear them.

Having seen the wrong person wearing both these items of clothing I need to go and scrub my eyeballs. \

Theres some other sorts of cloths that should be a privilage not a right, Spandex, Lycra, PVC, tight skirts and tight dresses for starters...... theres otheres but I cant think of them ...

Feel free to add tour own

(EDIT: Changed title a little)


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