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As many of you know I'm a stickler for rules. if a sign says "Dont do that" then I will feel REALLY guilty if I do do that, or if a friend does it. If sombody TELLS me not to do something, I WONT do it. Well, within Question.

So when I went to the National Gallery of Victoria On Saturday to play with their LEGO display, I went in with my Backpack. I walked into the building and one of the security guards said "If your going into an exhibition your going to have to leave your bag in the cloke room" I pointed at the Lego display and work tables and said "I'm only going to that, can I hold onto my bag? " and his response was "Oh thats fine, its just if your going to any of the main exhibitions in the building"

I stood around and waited for some friends to turn up. Then we queued up to enter. About 5 minutes in the queue the security guard came up to me and said "im sorry sir your going to have to check your bag in"

I had a go at the guy. If I had done something wrong then I would have checked the bag and apologised, but the thing that pissed me off was that The Rules had changed between me entering and me queue. Even if he had misquoted the rules, the rules had changed.

I checked my bag reluctantly and after (I THINK) embarrising the people I was with by telling the Security guy what i thought of that, and stood back in the queue. When i got into the room i noticed that there were two couples with baby strollers loaded high with bags AND another buy with a daypack that had been kicked under the seat he was on.

So the question is, why was My Day Pack seen as a threat and the strollers and the other day pack NOT seen as a threat?

I felt Persecurtd.


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