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I'm having trouble finding clothes I like to wear! I'm posting this in hope that sombody will suggest places i can try and also just because i'm annoyed.

Now, I know my sense of fashion is warped and my own fashion and that other people will think my choice in what clothes I wear sucks. However, I like it. And until sombody says "wear [This] [this] and [THIS]" I'm not going to change what I like to wear.

In particular this is about trying to find shirts I like to wear.

I like 100% cotton shirts with solid or significant amounts of colours on them. I have 4 favorite shirts at the moment. But they are in desperate need of replacement. I have 2 Shirts from Reserve of the same cut, a blue shirt and a purple shirt I got a couple of years ago. They are beinging to wear out! :( I have another shirt (original I cant remember.. possibly reserve as well) which is a pink and pastel pink candy striped shirt. I got a tinsy tear in it the other day I need to repair. but its a sign that its getting older. I have a handful of other shirts I like to wear but they are all beginning to looking long in the tooth! :(

I used to wear Rivers shirts as well but they tend to be too heavy these days .. Plus rivers has gone right down hill. i cant find the pants I like from them which incidentally is another rant and that is, I cant find nice comfortable pants that fit that I like. for about 5 years I have managed to find the same or similar stuff from rivers..

This year the shirt styles are horrible! They are all white shirts with thin printed lines on them! So the shirts themselves are predominantly white with just a tinsy bit of unapeling colour. If they aren't white then they are browns and greens. I don't LIKE browns or dark greens. I like yellows and reds and pinks..

Just about the only type of shirt that I can find at the moment that I would wear are BLACK shirts... and for that I had to buy some dress shirts from Fletcher Jones. (even that shirt is poly-cotton, but at least its black)

So if anybody knows where I could go to shop to get that kind of shirt that is 100% cotton (and NOT poly-cotton) and also has lots of nice solid colours then i would be greatly appreciative.

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