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This update brought to you by rand(); and ramble();

Server Room Disaster )

Building of a Side fence )

Drought )

Car is Sick very sick )

Job Hunting - resume Writing )

Cat hunting )
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Warning: Rambling ahead

Its not that I haven't had anything to say. Its just that every time I go to say it, I forget what i was going to say.

Haven't been sleeping well.. thought I had glandular the other week as I had all the symptoms. Didn't bother going to the doctors. i seem to be okay at the moment..

Well except for Sunday night when I got home at 5pm ish ... I felt like I had been stretched through a ringer and was having real trouble not yawning all the time. Was glad to curl up on the couch and sleep for a bit. Luckily I made a dinner call on the parents so i didn't have to cook anything.

Um... what else is there to say.... massive amounts of work to do.... too many computer games to play, not enough social life stuff happening.

*frowns* and Angsty... Very Angsty.. it seems to be SADS.. (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder) or something because I know several people who have been complaining about being angsty at the moment.

Oh yeah thats what I as going to say.. I keep on forgetting important events and dates. its not until AFTER the fact that i remember that i was meant to attend. Theres been a few parties that good friends have mentioned, and theres been several LJ questions that people have asked that i have completely forgotten to reply to or attend to. My Apologize to these people. Im not ignoring you.. Im just...................... < Compleate this sentence >

Oh yeah.. and as for my spelling.... dont talk to me about spelling.


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