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Well. I'm exhausted .. Tired worn out drained pissed off angry and in a strange and indescribable way, lonely.

The office IT project that has been happening for the last 6 months is drawing to a climactic conclusion. Mind you, its still going to take 4 months for that to happen.

As some will know, my company is in the process of moving offices. 3 of them in fact. 2 offices are being amalgamated into 1 site and 1 department from the two original sites are being moved to a third site.

Because they are doing this in dribs and drabs over the next 4 months I cant exactly take any leave. That and one of the other guys I work with was mistakenly given 4 weeks off so he could travel to the UK for a holiday and to see his parents. All leave has been revoked for September.. Except for the guy going to UK.. because he had his tickets booked.

This month: Final IT designs and implimentations of the changes we will need including training people how to use the systems and being around if they have questions

August: First moves and final building preperations

September: Major move. this is when all the staff are going to be shuffling between buildings. its going to involve vast amounts of data being trnasported around our wan to make sure its all in the right spots. And guess what.. this is the month the other guy has leave. and no it cant be cancelled.

October: Deep breath and then migrate all the staff from ONE of the offices to the corporate network.

November: die of exhaustion. Its winter in Europe so i cant take a holiday then anyway

December: are you insane? its mid winter in northern europe!

January: See December

Febuaray : Still too early in the year to go to europe

March: a touch too early in the year to go to europe

April -> June : start of April is too early but End of April to Start of June im so GONE!... Europe for 8 weeks. All i need to do is find a couple of people to travel with .. Even one person to travel with who knows what they want to see. I have an idea what i
want to see but that will keep me involved for about 6 days out of the 8 weeks.

BUT thats 10 months away! im not sure if I can last ten months like this.



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