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I had my tooth fixed this morning. And what is even better, its now WHITE. The old one had turned black!.. Which was the filling material changing over time. (19 years) The dentist put a new filling material in and it is now white.

All i have to do now is work out how to make the other filling accidentally fall out and I get to have that one white as well!.
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Last Saturday night i was finishing off a meal with some freinds when i realised I had something caught in my teeth. I picked at it a little bit... Only to realsie it WASNT something caught, it was something MISSING.

About 20 years ago I had Root Cannal work done on two of my front teeth. Turns out on Saturday night one of the fillings popped out. Leaving a massive crater in the back of my tooth.

So much for having good teeth! :( I think its goign to result in a little more work than just restuffing a filling in the hole.

I think I need to have my teeth spaced properly. They are crowding towards the front of my mouth which results in them crushing together.. I think the pressure on the tooth made the filling pop out!. To fix it I have to have 4 teeth removed (2 top 2 bottom) and have braces for 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can tell IM a happy camper.

Got a call from my sister last night to tell me her computer was broken.. (PIII-600 on a ABIT BH6 mainboard) It kept on blue screening and rebooting. Got it home and went to install windows on a fresh hard disk (thinking it was a hard disk failure) Nup.. wouldnt get through the install stages. just locked up. Suspect hard disk, then Motherboard, then video card.. Cant find any physical faults on any of them... then remove a stick of ram and ... BOOT.... perfectly....

512 meg of ram is enough for ANYBODY..... well.. its goign to have to be enough for her for the moment.
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For the last week my teeth have been hurting.. Both aching pain accross the entire set and shooting pain in specific locations. It pretty much coinsides with me being unable to sleep properly or at all..

Yesterday I was exhausted by 4:30pm at work and stumbled home and crashed on the couch for a bit. Then when I woke up laterish I watched Season one of the West Wing.. but I digress

This afternoon at work I was once again Exhausted.. and I stumbled home and crashed on the couch.. but this time in pain :( I tried some panadol but it didnt work :(

I could try Vodka but I rememebr last time I hit that... SOME of the outcomes of that were great but the otherones were a bit bad..

Tonight im still exhausted. I just want to curl up and go to sleep for several days.. however I cant seem to manage more than about 5 hours sleep before waking up and been wide awake.

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THE PAIN

ed: I should point out that I have a dentist appointment booked for next week


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