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And no.. the music wasnt chosen.. I started Winamp where i left off yesterday and that was where it was

I got home last night to have a look at the computer and replace the hard disk etc because I thought it had failed!

Turns out that the hard disk was fine. The errors on the screen where NOT hard disk errors at all but memory errors.

As far as I can tell one of the two programs I have started running on it is either causing a memory leak or doesn't handle the lack of serial connector. Both programs Collect data from serial ports and write them to a database.

1) Open2300 : mysql2300 : An Open source C program that talks to a Lacrosse WS2300/WS2305/WS2310/WS2315 Weather Station and then writes the data to a MYSQL database table

2) mysqltsl : A C program that talks to a Temperature monitoring kit on a (different) serial port. The connector has 4 thermometers on it. This program was originaly a single piece of code that looped continuously and wrote to a flat file. I took code from mysql2300 and inserted it and modified it into the tsl.c file so that the mysqltsl app writes the data it reads on the serial port to another mysql database.

Either one of the programs could have had a memory leak. However its difficult to tell. My money is on MYSQLTSL as the problem. I had disconnected the K145 a couple of days back so I could make the cables on the thermometers more useful.

So either the program hasd a memory leak or it cant cope with the lack of a device to read from and just sits open waiting for something to come in, and when the program is run again it starts a NEW process and tries to read the data in.. This happens every two minutes until it cant cope and the system dies in the arse.

For my NEXT trick I will write error checking on the serial port into the code program. Maybe.


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