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I just read on the Age website the following article Which discusses how the Netspace Call center staff are allowed to go away from their desk 4 times a day and have 12 seconds between calls.

There appears to be ample evidence that this is in fact the case.

I'M a customer of Netspace. I have been since December 1995. So that makes me a long term customer. But this sort of thing from the supplier of my internet services makes me think I dont want to be involved with that sort of company any more.

I want to complain to Netspace but im not sure how to. I want to draw their attention to my displeasure in that sort of treatment of their staff, i want to point out that im not happy with my money supporting a company that treats their people like that. I just doint think they will care. I can see them responding with "we are providing a service that we know you want and this helps us provide this service to you"

Netspace used to be the up and coming internet service provider in Australia. They used to be one of the best ISPs around. But now that's not so much the case.

Internode is the one to go with if I do change ISP but im not sure if I really want to change ISPs.

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This is how I feel at the moment. Its an MP3 because typing it in as text just doesn't make sense or work for me at the moment.

You will need your headphones or speakers to hear this because, well its a spoken word thing not a written word thing

When written word fails, spoken word takes over

I return you to the written word


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