Oh god

Mar. 13th, 2006 10:11 pm
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Turns out I drank almost 700ml of Vodka on Saturday night. I can only assume I was drinking it by myself. When I started the evning there was probably about 100ml gone from it... now theres only 200ml in the bottom of it. This can mean only one thing. I drank the other 700ml on Saturday night.

This will explain the fact that I cant remember a FEW SMALL parts of the evneing. And it will also explain why I had such a god awfull hangover the next day.
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I would just like to point out that having my hair shaved was a decision made much earlier in the week. It was meant to have been shaved before everybody got there. It was NOT a stupid decision made in a drunken state that is regreted later.

It WILL grow back eventually. That was 11 monthts growth.
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Its 11pm the night after my house warming and I'm only just now in a mental state to be able to actually write.

To Everybody who came along and to those people who sent their appologies, Thank you! I had an absolute ball.

I got exceedingly drunk. I got WAY WAY too drunk. Theres some things that Aparently I did that I dont rememebr.. Aparently at some point I ended up on the back lawn. But I cant have crashed there for long.
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*Groans* I... *moans* Drank *groans* too much.

Not headache.... queasey
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Plenty of notice so no excuses for not being able to make it!.. Probably be from mid to late arvo onwardsd into the evning.. probably a bit of food provided and a bit drink provided with BYO for the rest of the stuff...

Any body want to volunteer to bring food stuffs? salads? botulism? selmonella?

More details as to actually where etc to come later closer to the date.


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