Jul. 10th, 2007 03:47 pm
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I first came across UNIX (like) operating systems in late 1993, and Linux possibly in mid 1994. I used to use it to telnet into Internet chat BBS services, Such as LUCS (Latrobe University Computer Society) and TFS (The Far Side, Canberra University) and ISCA (Iowa State Computer Association). I spent many hours online. ALL of it accessed from with in a Unix command prompt. I would spend several hours a day online on these BBSs right up until late 2003.

By using Linux to access these sites I learnt a lot about how Linux worked.

i still log into the remaining BBS Sometimes. maybe once a week for a couple of minutes to read any updates. Sometimes its several weeks between visits.

But I realised the other day, its been AGES since I have really used Linux to do anything useful. I have forgotten most of what I knew about it. I could probably pick up most of what I used to know, VERY quickly... just right at the moment I have completely forgotten everything. Making me pretty much an exclusive Windows Geek.

That is all, really. Just needed to comment on my Linux Usage.


Jun. 18th, 2007 11:33 am
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To celebrate A friends birthday we are going to do what any hot blooded geek would do. We are all going to congregate at MY place, set up a Lan, mingle with the cabling and have us some serious Lan Gaming, whilst consuming excessive amounts of chipped potatoes, chocolate and Beer(ginger).

We have the following new games to use on the day, Some require serious video cardage I THINK most people should be able to cope these days. (Nvidia 6600 would be acceptable) The following games are what are on the books:
Company of Heroes (patch level 1.70 at this stage) (Nvidia 6600)
Swat4 (UK patch 1.1) (Nvidia 5700)
Rainbow Six Vegas(patch level 1.04) (I don’t know what this runs on min (Apparently 6600))
Supreme Commander(patch level 3223) (Something POWERFUL, Nvidia 6600 is MINIMUM specs, and it CLUNKS! I use an ATI X1950)

We MAY play some of the following:
Civilisation 4

The Details: We start at about 10am on Saturday 30th of June. We go until we drop. There may be a Mexican dinner in the evening just up the road. (If enough people can drive.. I'm eyeing the 1L margarita myself), we then continue late into the evening. Or as late as you want to go.

There should be enough seating for 12 to 14 people. I have a couple of spare spaces available.

RSVP... ASAP... Places may fill fast!


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