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I have waited for 9 years for this game. 9 long years of waiting paid off on Thursday a couple of weeks ago when I recieved a call. "Dude.. I have your... stuff here.. 's in a brown bag for
you already.. just come and collect it, whenever you want" My pusher had got his stash of good stuff in. (Fallout had arrived a day early at EB)

I was worried that this game would only carry the name of the original 3, Fallout 1, Fallout 2 and Brother Hood of Steal: Tactics. I need not have worried. Playing this game has so much in common with the originals. Sure the isometric view of the first ones has been replaced with a full 3d graphics of a first person shooter.

Right from the start of game play I was impressed.

(trying not to give too much away)

The way you interact with people including the conversations is just like the original. The corney lines are still there.

You can stash weapons like you could in the first : My guy at one point was carrying 10 assault rifles and 5 pieces of heavy armour he needed to take back to his house. At another point he had 4 miniguns stashed under his arms. Regularly I find myself wandering along with 10 different pieces of armor.

Other things similar to the first one: Ammo is weightless. I am currently carrying around 12000 bottle caps, 6000 rounds of 5mm ammo (minigun ammo), 1200 rounds of 5.56mm, 1200 shotgun shells and 200 rounds of .308 ammo. YOU try carrying that sort of ammo stash without complaining! Go easy on thet .308 ammo! if you find it, keep it! I havent found much out there and it goes with the sniper rifle! the sniper rifle is a one shot instant take out a mutant killing machine! (like it was in the first games)

In the first set of games the famous way of dealing with enemies was to shoot for the eyes. This shot was always a hard shot and %to hit was a lot lower. That same wonderfull friend is here in the new game. If you aim for sombodys head you are likely to seriously mess them up if you get a critical. I took the Bloody mess feat and when I get a Critical Hit to the head with my trusty assault rifle... well.. lets just say theres blood EVERYWHERE, then I added improved critical and a few others.. and... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :)

Ammusing case of searching dead and exploded bodies: Scenario: YOu shoot an enemy: HE explodes and splatters accross the room. his corpse is 10 meteres from you but his exploded foot as at your own feet. If you search that foot then you will find any items that nmay have been on his corpse, 10 meteres away!.. :) Sweeet!...

Dog Meat: @$$#%% I leave the stupid mutt at home now. He runs off and engages in enemies wherver.. theres no way of saying "stay within 5 meteres of me and ONLY engage enemies that I engage" For a while there I thought I had lost him when I sent him home and forgot to check which home I sent him to.

Review Part 2.... days later.

Well, I have got pretty deep into the game now and yet I seem to be only just scratching the surface. Found my 5th Bobbel head last night.. They are in obvious enough positions when you do find them as far as I can tell. IE: I Dont THINK they are hidden behind fallen down bookshelves or in the wilderness behind collapsed buildings.

The AI: *sighs* The AI sucks.. The AI sucks BIG chunks.

The AI of the enemies is okay: They come at you with guns blazing and you kill them and they try and kill you.

The AI of companions is REALLY bad .. I mean REALLY REALLY bad..

There does not seem to be a way of telling your companion to stay with in 5 meteres of you.. (or osmething) Dogmeat races off ahead and engages mutants.. and when that mutant has a mini gun then dog meat is... dogmeat. --- I have taken to leaving him behind in Megaton. I just dont need to worry about him.

I picked up another companion for a particular mission. I had to get to a nother part of the map which I hadnt explorerd to yet. This meant i needed to fight through all the streets and train stations untill i found rivet city. WOuld have been good if she didnt decide to run off and engage enemeis several hundred meters away, whilst I was distracted during my looting, I dont know how they detected the enemies but she was constantly runnign away on me and getting killed. A reload later and I would have to run ahead of her to take out the threat.

I upgraded my computer form a P4 3.4Ghz machine with 2 Gb ram and an ATI x1950 video card to a brand new shiny E8500 with 4Gb ram and an ATI 4850 video card... And whilst the whole thing generally runs the same, I am now able to set the fade distance for the eneimes to be a LOT further out. This makes it MUCH better for engaging enemies. The previous problem I was having was when the enemies would engage me with heavy weapons at a really close range. Becuase my original graphics card couldnt cope with the eneimes at serious range, it would not render the enemies whilst thye attacked me, untill they got quite close. this resulted in me getting shot to pices by somethign I couldnt find. new system fixes that. I regulaly wander through the wilderness and take out the enemy at range....

Anyway, thats where I am at the moment with the game... it is so awsome its .. just awsome... I know a couple of my friends have had trouble installing the game due to DRM or Computer issues but I was lucky not to have had those problems....


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