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Kits_the_DM mentioned it in a comment he made elsewhere about using RPG table based pen and paper with dice Role Playign games as a way of expending their frustrations.

We all have our own styles on how we expend frustration. But RPGs allow you to be insanly creative about how you de-frustrate. Where else can you, as a person in the modern age, hang from a ceiling by pressing your feet against opposite walls and then reach down and snap your oponents neck with the flick of your wrist. Where else can you slay the dragon, get the gold AND get the girl AND have all your friends say "COOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooool"

Most of the people I RPG with like playing in so called "GOOD" campaigns. This is, where the entire party sets out to do good for the world and make it a better place for everybody else in it. Eventually, this attitude begins to get boreing. Ultruism is boring. Sure it has its moments and sure it looks good on your resume.... but go on... try and deny you get a little pissed off when you get to a shop keeper who refuses to let you have the sword in the window until you have partaken in a dangerous quest for them. I have played many a campaign where time after time we run into a friendly NPC who is more than willing to help us, if only we would cure his hamlet of plague, or scare away the bad dragon, or destroy the Cobold nest that is beginning to cause problems for the friendly hamlet.

Just once I would like to play a campaign where everything is about the party and what the party can get from the world for their own purposes. Where instead of being the party that sets out to hunt down the evil raiding party that is continuously tormenting the region, you ARE the evil raiding party that is tormenting the region for your own pleasurable purposes

I would like to play a game where your party arrives in a good township with all the friendly and helpfull NPCs, And instead of renting a room from the landlord of the local tavern, the party kills the landlord and takes over the inn.. Instead of the party surrendering politly to the local constabulalry fdor the misunderstanding with the innkeeper the party slaughters the sheriff and his men and takes over the township as their own... instead of the party setting out on a long and convaluted adventure to recover the left hand widget for the weapon smiths thinga-mee-jig so the weaponsmith will craft therm a wepon, the party takes the weapons smiths family hostage and tortures them until the weaponsmith makes them free weapons...

You get the idea.. I want to play an Evil campaign where everything we know we cant do in modern society can be cast aside and evil and bad torturous things are good. And you get more XP for solving the problem with the evil solution than you do for solving it with the good solution.

of course, its the sort of thing that most people either DONT like playing "because Evilis bad.. Mkay!?" or because even when they TRY to play evil they just cant understand the concept of it. you know.. you ARE allowed to break that waitresses finger and NOT feel guilty about it.. because your a bad person.. mkay!?.... And helping that child pick up their dropped bag of lollies is NOT the right thing to do .. (the right thing of course would be to step on the broken bag and grind the lollies into the ground...)

Does this make a me a bad person for wanting to play an evil campaign like this? Does it make me sick? Does it make me a social pariah???


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