Jul. 10th, 2007 03:47 pm
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I first came across UNIX (like) operating systems in late 1993, and Linux possibly in mid 1994. I used to use it to telnet into Internet chat BBS services, Such as LUCS (Latrobe University Computer Society) and TFS (The Far Side, Canberra University) and ISCA (Iowa State Computer Association). I spent many hours online. ALL of it accessed from with in a Unix command prompt. I would spend several hours a day online on these BBSs right up until late 2003.

By using Linux to access these sites I learnt a lot about how Linux worked.

i still log into the remaining BBS Sometimes. maybe once a week for a couple of minutes to read any updates. Sometimes its several weeks between visits.

But I realised the other day, its been AGES since I have really used Linux to do anything useful. I have forgotten most of what I knew about it. I could probably pick up most of what I used to know, VERY quickly... just right at the moment I have completely forgotten everything. Making me pretty much an exclusive Windows Geek.

That is all, really. Just needed to comment on my Linux Usage.
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Last Saturday night i was finishing off a meal with some freinds when i realised I had something caught in my teeth. I picked at it a little bit... Only to realsie it WASNT something caught, it was something MISSING.

About 20 years ago I had Root Cannal work done on two of my front teeth. Turns out on Saturday night one of the fillings popped out. Leaving a massive crater in the back of my tooth.

So much for having good teeth! :( I think its goign to result in a little more work than just restuffing a filling in the hole.

I think I need to have my teeth spaced properly. They are crowding towards the front of my mouth which results in them crushing together.. I think the pressure on the tooth made the filling pop out!. To fix it I have to have 4 teeth removed (2 top 2 bottom) and have braces for 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can tell IM a happy camper.

Got a call from my sister last night to tell me her computer was broken.. (PIII-600 on a ABIT BH6 mainboard) It kept on blue screening and rebooting. Got it home and went to install windows on a fresh hard disk (thinking it was a hard disk failure) Nup.. wouldnt get through the install stages. just locked up. Suspect hard disk, then Motherboard, then video card.. Cant find any physical faults on any of them... then remove a stick of ram and ... BOOT.... perfectly....

512 meg of ram is enough for ANYBODY..... well.. its goign to have to be enough for her for the moment.


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