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So.. after the hours of panic that I had yesterday and last night with my computer I did a whole lot more tests swapping the hard disk into another machine and it worked perfectly..

After a bit more hunting I had a closer look at the ATA cable connecting the two hard disks and the mainboard. Its one of the new ATA 133 cables with the finer wires thats been standard for hard disks for a fair while now.

This particular cable was all scrunched up and jammed into position. Not good. I decided that it was probably damaged so I brought the cable into work today to remind me to do some shopping for a new one.

When I sat down and had a close look at it I noticed that the PIN 1 cable (thats the red wire... bus power wire) was bare to the world for everybody to see. There was about 10 mm of copper showing on it. Thats less than optimal.

Went to Dick Smiths and brought one of the new round IDE cables. thats the one with the plasic sheething over it that is becoming more common. To allow better air flow and the like on the computer. ($12 which wasnt too bad.. )

Plugged it in this evning.. booted up no problems and it seems fine.

*sighs with relief* I was worried I had lost all that data. I cant even claim it was porn.. Nope.. I lost all THAT last hard disk failure.. :P Kidding. It was more important than porn. It was the disk with all my installed games on it with all THEIR associated save games.
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My Desktop PC has just thrown its 3rd Hard drive in 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was trying to work out why It kept on locking up and I couldnt!

I booted it up and discovered to my horror that the drive is now not detecting properly.. its coming up as 33 Gb instead of 120 Gb...

DAMN!!! ALL my games are now gone bye bye! :( All my MP3s have now gone bye bye (not so bad as they were all off my Cds from my CD shelf anyway)

But most importantly... My Install File Archive for my games and Applications has been lost

edit: Just changed the IDE bus the hard disks are on and the "faulty" drive boots up no problems at all and and I seem to be able to copy data from the disk top another one... OOOOHKAY!!... so is this my computer telling me its actually quite sick and the IDE controller is faulty? or is the drive just faulty?????? AHHK!!!!!.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( Maybe the other disks were just fine and its really the MOTHERBOARD thats faulty... Damnit....

Edit 2: Event Viewer/System: logs: Event ID 5: Source Atapi
A Parity Error was detected on \Device\Ide\IdePort0

Source: Disk Event ID 11
The Driver Detected a controller error on Device\Harddisk1\D

Im so screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!


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