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This week I have been to Two Comedy events.

1) Tuesday Night : Peter Berners Bernerland - Was quite funny in many places although I think im a little over all the terrorism jokes. Mind you its Current events so.. I think Peter is a lot more ammusing on TV But still enjoyed the evening imensly.

2) Thursday Night : MuppetUp - Jim Hensons Puppets. Brilliant. Fascinating to watch the two shows occuring. The main show on the stage with the puppets and the puppeters beneith them, and the puppets on the screen as you would see them if they were broadcast. Hilarious in many places. Painfully cringworther in others. I'm not generally a fan of Improvised routines because a lot of it relies on ammusing but sensible suggestions coming from the audience. But as soon as you give the audience any responsibility they will shout out rediculous suuggestions. Last night had many such instances of rediculous suggestions.

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I went to see Dylan Moran on Tuesday night with what could only be described as a bunch of Dylan Moran fans.

I cant say I was that impressed with him. I think he was over hyped. If he was in a small venue of a couple of hundred people then he would have been funny. But I didn't think he was funny enough to fill the 2600 seats that were available for the performance.

Some of the stuff he was saying made me smile, but there was nothing he said that got me anywhere near busting my gut from laughter.

I was listening to Red Symons and John Faine talk about it the morning after and John Faine didn't sound all that impressed with him either. Mind you, I WAS on the edge of sleep as I was listening to them discuss the performance.

What was with the chain smoking?????? how on earth did Dylan Moran get permission to smoke!??? That Amazed me.

So, yes, Im afraid I cant give Dylan Moran an nice review.


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