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Last weeks borders bookshop discount voucher was for "30% off all Fiction Books".

On Saturday I went past Borders in Melbourne Central and brought a couple of books that I had been trying to find for a while. They were Science Fiction books, as is my taste in books, I used the "30% Discount on Fiction Book" voucher I had.

On Sunday I went past Borders Knox to get another book that I have been Trying to find. (Idiot me brought book four but not book three of a billion book series that I have started reading. (No.. not a name you would normally associate with long series)) . i walked up to the counter with my book and my voucher and said "I would like to buy this please" Their response was "I'm sorry but thats not a fiction book"

Hello? Science Fiction is a Non Fiction book? WTF!? So it turns out that the discount voucher was badly worded. The girl called her manager over who told me the same thing. I said "that sucks... " and left my purchase on the counter and walked out.

So.. .Melbourne Central Accepted the voucher with no questions asked because obviously Science Fiction IS Fiction. But Knox wont. There must be a different definition of whats Fact and whats Fiction for those people who live in the outer suburbs.
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About 12 months ago I noticed that my bookselves at home were nearing totally FULL. The books were over flowing onto stacks on the top and on the floor and it was beginning to look very messy.

At this point I stopped buying books. No point buying books if you cant read them and if you cant store them.

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