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Due to high level brain shutdown (Read: the inability to organise my own social life) I spent most of my weekend playing computer games at home.

Things I observed

Ghost Recon Advanced WarFighter: Not as fun as the original short mission based Ghost Recons but still kind of entertaining. Annoying Factors. Theres a particular spot in one of the missions where you defend a bombed out embassy. I almost finished it except I lost one of my men. I have a thing about loosing men during games. I prefer to return with what i took out. Hence I reloaded regularly. the only problem is that the previous reload point is 5 minutes before I lost my men! :( It just seems wrong to abandon my guys on the battle field.

Railroad Tycoon 3: I have owned this game for several years and only ever got through the first 2 screens of missions. I would always loose interest before I got to the last 3 missions. Conclusion: I liked Railroad Tycoon better. The missions were larger, there wasnt so many REALLY NASTY stupid confusing missions. And the expansion was actually worth getting and using. RTC3 was nice but.. lacked.. something.. The engine was much better than RTC2 but the actual missions were... lesser.. Give me RTC2 missions on the RTC3 engine.

Company Of Heroes: I love this game. but its only so much fun now when played alone. Its much more exciting in multiplayer mode when you can coordinate support and assault.

BioShock : Damnit! i see no replay value in this game. Why did i buy it! Okay I brought it cause I wanted to play it.. and I did. but it wasnt as good as i had hoped: replay wise. There was actually very little RPG to it other than point and shoot point and shoot reload helath point and shoot.
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